Senior “Collie” Lucky To Be Alive After FedEx Hit-And-Run


A 13-year-old Border Collie licks his wounds in Texas after learning the hard way that humans don’t always do the right thing.

At first, Milo’s owner Susan Jenkins was unsure of what had happened to her brave older boy, who still loved chasing delivery trucks on their long driveway, despite his advanced years. But now Milo was moaning, bleeding and limping. “He was shaking and acting like he was in great pain,” Jenkins told the WFAA. “We didn’t know if he was going to be okay because he didn’t walk and didn’t look like the same dog at all.”


But when Jenkins rushed the dog to the vet, the doctor offered an even grimmer prognosis. Milo’s wounds cut down through his muscles and tendons, part of his tail was severed to the bone, and severe road rash left the dog with a softball-sized mass of dead tissue in his abdomen.open next page to See More










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