Senior Dog Without A Nose Finds Perfect Family

Mirabel was spotted wandering the streets of Kentucky by a good Samaritan. As they got closer, they noticed something very different in the little dog – the senior Jack Russell Terrier had no nose. They immediately called animal control reporting a dog with a terrible facial injury.

When the animal control officers took a closer look at Mirabel, she was not only missing her nose, but also her upper lip, but it was not due to an accident – she was born that way.

After a medical examination by veterinary staff, they came to the conclusion that she most likely had a birth defect – similar to a cleft palate. They also determined that the 9-year-old dog was probably part of a puppy mill or backyard operation.

Years and years of breeding, Mirabel found herself with painful breast tumours, inguinal hernia and dental problems – all of which added to the difficulty of having her upper teeth constantly exposed.

Upon leaving the medical clinic, the sweet dog was transferred to the Woodstock Animal Foundation. Despite her health problems, Mirabel was in good spirits.open next Page to See More





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