Senior K-9 dies in handler’s arms and receives the hero’s farewell it deserves

Senior K-9 dies in handler’s arms and receives the hero’s farewell it deserves
When K-9 Keylo died with his human partner by his side, the community mourned the lost hero.


The Black German Shepherd worked for the Bath, Maine police force with his master, Corporal Michelle Small. She has served for over a decade and has helped 333 incredible apprehensions in addition to sniffing out evidence, including drug paraphernalia. For the small-town community, it was a treasure.

“What struck me most was not just how much everyone in Bath loves Keylo and how much she is part of our community, but how much she and Cpl. Michelle Small is mean to all of our state law enforcement and rescue officers in Maine, “published photography company Soggy Doggy Designs, who took snapshots of the funeral.


In a story from Bangor Daily News, Small recalled an incident where Keylo helped save the life of a suicidal man.

“No one could find him, and I just trusted him and our training,” she said. Small added that hospital staff who treated the man said he had saved his life by finding him in time.







The intrepid K-9 was able to help keep local communities safe, using his impressive training to track down dangerous suspects.

“She found a man who assaulted his wife in Bowdoinham fairly severely,” Small told Bangor Daily News. “[The man] got into a boat, and we were taken to the boat and she found him on the shore – swam back and found him hiding near the railroad tracks in Bowdoinham.”

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Keylo retired from an accomplished officer in 2013 and enjoyed living with Small during his remaining years. Recently, the dog’s health began to decline and she died just before her 15th birthday. But when Keylo’s mind left Earth, she knew, without a doubt, that she was loved.

“She died at home in my arms,” ​​Small said in the article.

Small went on to describe the depth of the bond between a police dog and a handler. “He is a partner. They become a big part of your family. I spent more time with [Keylo] than with my own family members. I think at least 10 hours a day, every day you go to work. She went everywhere with me. ”





Keylo’s death sparked impressive participation and she received the hero’s farewell she deserved. The Bangor Daily News reported:

The procession, comprising around 30 police cars, ambulances and fire trucks from across the state, passed under a bridge built by the flag fire trucks of Brunswick and Topsham carrying a flag, near the clinic, where a memorial service was held, said Small.

Since Keylo’s retirement, Small has worked with Sampson, a 5-year-old German shepherd, and the two have formed their own lasting bond. However, Keylo will always hold a special place in the hearts of those with whom she has worked, especially Corporal Small.


Rest in peace, brave Keylo. You will always be remembered for your heroic service.

(m / t: Bangor Daily News)