Separate pitbulls have “hit the lottery” while the Marvel star takes both

The publication on Facebook showed the 6-year-old dogs, Maggie and Ollie, side by side, and told the story of their owners who delivered them to Hillsborough County Animal Services because of a new baby.

The volunteer who wrote the article on the Rescue Me Tampa – Shelter Dogs Facebook page explained how the pit bulls shared a bond, having been together since childhood, but housed separately in the county shelter.

“They have no idea what they did to deserve that,” the poster said. “It breaks my heart. They lived all their lives together !!! … Please consider adopting these 2 together. They just lost everything they knew and loved. ”

The publication became one of the most popular of the Rescue Me Tampa page and was shared over 2,000 times with comments ranging from heartbroken to furious at the situation. Many wondered if someone would adopt adult dogs and bring them together.

Rescue Me Tampa is not a refuge in itself, but a group of volunteers who publish updates on dogs and policies from the Hillsborough County Animal Service and help organize dog sheltering activities.

More than a week later, an update arrived: someone had definitely adopted the two dogs and “they touched the DOGGIE LOTTERY !!!”, read the message. “Their new dad is the actor/wrestler Dave Bautista. … Huge closed property. Tempurpedic dog beds! Doors for dogs everywhere. They will really live a good life now !!! “Open next Page To See More




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