service dog comforts exhausted doctors and nurses in emergency departments batting coronavirus


A service dog comforts exhausted doctors and nurses in emergency departments batting coronavirus

The real heroes of this current coronavirus pandemic are the men and women in the health sector who are on the front lines of keeping us healthy. We owe them everything, especially since, in many countries, they are currently overwhelmed trying to save lives.

Susan Ryan is an emergency physician in Denver, Colorado. She is currently at the heart of the pandemic, but she has someone special by her side: Wynn, a service dog in training.

Wynn goes to work with her every day. The one-year-old Labrador Retriever is being trained for Canine Companions – an organization that provides free service dogs to children, adults, and veterans with disabilities. Susan has been raising Wynn since she was a puppy and had been coaching her for a year.

Wynn is familiar with the many faces of the hospital, but his services as a service dog have never been more necessary.

A paramedic, Katie Basdekas, said: “I’ve met Wynn before! She’s such a nice puppy, and the doctor is so amazing for what she does. She let me (I’m a paramedic) keep her a few times while she was busy.” open next Page To See More

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COMMUNITY SUBMISSION: Wynn, Labrador Retriever (1 y/o), Denver, CO • “I am an Emergency Physician. I have been raising Wynn for @ccicanine and she is a year old now. She comes to the ER and stays within our social workers’ inner office, so no one touches her but staff can wash up and have a moment with her. She has saved us because we are very stressed and anxious. Sometimes too busy to be scared. My wish for everyone would be that they not worry about getting a test and just presume themselves positive and consider every surface potentially contaminated and act accordingly. It just means physical distance, wash before and after touching anything. We can find comfort in each other when we know I have your back and you have mine.” @docplusdog

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