service dog comforts exhausted doctors and nurses in emergency departments batting coronavirus

While Susan takes care of many different patients, Wynn has her essential job in Susan’s office, ensuring the comfort of the rest of the hospital staff.

Susan told The Dog list: “She comes to the emergency room and stays in the private office of our social workers so that no one touches her, but the staff can wash and spend some time with her. She saved us because we are very stressed and anxious. Sometimes we’re too busy to be afraid.”

The excellent doctor urges people to stay safe during the pandemic, saying: “My wish for everyone would be that they do not worry about taking a test and simply assume positive, that they consider each surface potentially contaminated and act accordingly. It just means a physical distance, washing before and after touching anything.”

She added a small message from Wynn’s point of view, saying, “Sit down, stay. It’s not that hard.”

Susan ended her post by saying, “We can find comfort in each other when we know I’m covering your back and covering for mine.

Many people expressed their thanks for all the work done by health professionals.

One person said: “Thank you very much for being on the front line of this health crisis. We appreciate everything health professionals do. Thank God for the dogs; it’s the angels who help us through difficult times. Thank you and take care of yourself.”

Another person added: “Wynn is the best girl ❤️ Thank you for everything you do, doctors, nurses, and Doggos 💕. ”

And we can only thank them from the bottom of our hearts for everything they do. And let’s remind everyone to stay at home so that we don’t overwhelm our health care workers.



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