Shelter Dog Becomes Internet Famous By Making His Own Bed

Shelter Dog Becomes Internet Famous By Making His Own Bed

Rush was a difficult and anxious shelter dog. Although he was a healthy, young pit bull, the probability of finding a house forever seemed slim when he arrived at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio, in 2015.

Rescuers at the center did everything they could to help Rush get adopted. However, it was his own eccentricity that made the country fall on his heels. They noticed how Rush started to move in the sheets that were given to him. Soon they realized that he was making his own bed!


His unusual behavior was appreciated by the workers of the SICSA. They were delighted to see him make his bed every morning. This prompted one of the workers to take a video and put it on the center’s YouTube channel.

The video has toured social media and has been viewed over a million times. People were entertained by Rush and his bed making, which ultimately led him to find a home forever. Husband and wife found Rush’s video and immediately fell in love open next Page to See More



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