[Shelter Dog] Has Been Waiting For A Home For Nearly Two Years

If you are considering adopting a dog, you may want to point your efforts at the Capital Made Society in Lincoln. That is where you will find a sweet, shy ‘Baby Girl’ that is between 3 1/2 and 4 years old

According to the shelter, Baby Girl “loves to play, walk and cuddle”, but according to the director of adoptions, Shelby Backhus, she takes a while to warm up with strangers. She is a mix of shepherd and has been at the shelter since December 2017.

“We are looking for a home without other pets or children because they bit another dog before coming to our home,” said Backhus. “It happens sometimes, but we think Baby Girl would be a great pet dog.”

If you would like to visit Baby Girl and see if it’s right for your family, you can contact the Humane Society’s Pet Adoption Center, Pieloch, at 402-441-4488 to make an appointment. You can also watch the videos online on the Humane Society’s website.Open next page To see more info




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