Shetland dog models whose photo shoots can stop traffic

Shetland dog models whose photo shoots can stop traffic

Kaylee Garrick’s dog photoshoots can stop traffic in the Shetlands – and the fame of her very obedient dogs has now spread around the world.

The 29-year-old paramedic trained her pets to pose together for a range of eye-catching images.

She has seven regular models – the Shetland sheepdogs of Fenton, Thiago, Thorin, Gimli, Murphy and Jara, and an Allee Klee Kai called Ghost.

They are sometimes joined by Fjana, who belongs to Kaylee’s mother.

The popularity of their photos has increased thanks to social media and has now raised thousands of books for charity.

Kaylee of Scalloway has been taking photos of dogs since she was ten years old when photos were to be developed.

She said it “came naturally” because her first dog, Flint, was “so beautiful in the context of the Shetlands.”

When Flint died of bone cancer in 2007, Kaylee put down her camera and stopped taking photos.

That changed after a friend suggested she look at a litter of puppies in 2011. She fell in love with Fenton, who remains one of her star models – and her love of photography was also rekindled.





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