Someone Asked If Dog Owners Would Give 5 Years Of Their Life To Their Dog And Most Said …

Dogs are loyal to the end and many have or would risk their lives to save their dear humans. But would humans sacrifice years of their lives for their dogs? A Reddit user thought about asking dog owners if they would be willing to give their dog 5 years of life and why.


Responses began to pour in and most said yes, and then told how their dog saved their lives or that of their family. One person wrote: “It’s crazy how our pet dogs can ignore the danger they run to protect their loved ones.

“I have a miniature poodle that I saved while living in China. One day, while we were walking, we came across a royal shepherd and his owner stood on the sidewalk and smoked a cigarette. I ordered my poodle to walk to the side as we passed, as the shepherd was showing signs of aggression when he noticed us. The shepherd was, however, attached to a railing, so I thought we would be fine. To my surprise, the shepherd rushed to me, not to my dog, when we passed. He was going crazy trying to bite me, and the owner stood there laughing. Without hesitation, my little poodle rushed to my defense, barking and growling as I had never seen from him. I had to pick up my dog and get us both out of there, but he was quite ready to die to defend me.

“I would easily give my boy 5 more years because every day he is with me makes my life better and more enjoyable.” open Next Page to See Moredogs

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