Spotlight on rescue dogs at the first-ever U.S. rescue dog show

Spotlight on rescue dogs at the first-ever U.S. rescue dog show

Watch the first dog show that does not judge a dog on its breed, but rather on its personality. Dogs don’t have to be purebreds to compete, and pooches are our favourites. The only requirement is that all dogs be saved.

This dog show will present the best traits of dogs in 10 categories. Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen are the hosts, and the program features celebrities as judges.

Best couch potato
Best in recovery
Best in kiss
Best in listening
Best Senior Dog
The best of snoring
Best in Special Needs
Best In Talking
Best In Underbite
Best In Wiggle Butt

Celebrity judge Ross Matthews says, “I love dogs with special needs. I love an underbite and a potted tooth. This is how I ride. ”


The top ten dogs, a winner from each group, will compete for the ultimate title, Best in Rescue. The Petco Foundation provides $ 75,000 in non-profit grants to the winners.

We can’t wait to see who wins in each category. Either way, each category will be filled with wagging tails and adorable faces. The purpose of the exhibit is to educate rescue dogs and help find homes for all homeless animals.open next Page to See More




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