stray dog fell asleep with its head on its rescuer’s shoulder


A stray dog barely survived life on the street until it met a man with a big heart.

It was a typical hot summer day in Dubai when Anand Raman came across a stray dog. The dog was curled up under a parked car and ate leftover food. Even from a distance, Raman could see that the dog was exhausted and needed a bit of TLC.

He slowly approached the dog and once they made eye contact, the dog wobbled away from him. He noticed that the dog seemed to move differently on its front legs. Raman helped the dog get in the car, and then the sweetest thing happened. When the stray dog realized he was safe, he put his head on Raman’s shoulder and fell asleep

The dog was exhausted and who knows the last time he had a peaceful night’s sleep.go to next Page To See More








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