Stray Dog Spots A Dog Tied To A Fence And Works To Set Him Free

Not so long ago, a man, Dmitriy Timchenko, witnessed an incredible act of altruistic solidarity between two dogs.


Timchenko and a friend were visiting a store in Novorossiysk, Russia, when they noticed a pit bull attached to the front. The dog had been left there by his owner who was inside, shopping, however, the other dog that passed by did not know it.

The passing dog was a stray dog, and that may be why he seemed concerned that the tied dog was probably an abandoned dog like him.


“I saw this stray dog in the city several times,” Timchenko told Dodo. “He always uses the pedestrian crossing to cross the street. He is a very intelligent dog. ”

And not only is he intelligent, apparently, but he is also very thoughtful too.

While Timchenko watched the scene unfold, the stray dog approached the pit bull, then began loosening the knot that kept him tied while waiting for his owner. It did not take long for him to be free and went on an adventure.

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