Stray Dog Visits Sandwich Shop Every Day For A Free Meal

Each night, a stray puppy arrives at the doors of a chain of restaurants and waits patiently – eyes full of hope.

She knows that in a few moments, one of the friendly Subway employees will put on a pair of gloves and prepare a special meal just for her, free of charge. The adorable puppy has never missed a visit throughout the year, which has earned him the nickname “Subway Sally”.

A week ago, TikTok user Kxnuko, who works in Sally’s favourite restaurant, posted a video of the dog’s sweet routine. Since then, the short clip has gone viral with almost 3 million views on the application alone.

But even if Sally knows that she will have a meal and freshwater at the sandwich shop, she has no qualms about trying other restaurants in the area. “If it is too late to feed her, she will go across the street to Taco Bell,” Kxnuko says in his video.




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