Stray Dog Wandered Into A Monastery So They Made Him An ‘Honorary Friar’ To Encourage Pet Adoptions

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The last “brother” to join the Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is much talked about on the Internet. And for good reason, he’s absolutely adorable! And no, I’m not talking about a person.

The brothers of the monastery had recently adopted a dog from the local animal shelter and, in a well-intentioned joke, they donned it in the traditional dress of the Franciscans.
The photos have been so well received that many people around the world are simply in love with the cuteness of a dog dressed as a monk. And what is wonderful is that these brothers had no idea that their joke would eventually highlight the importance of animal adoption.

The dog was adopted by the Order of the Minor Brothers Kasper Mariusz Kapron. The dog, named Carmelo, was rescued from the organization, the Proyecto Narices Frias. Translated, the name of the rescue means Cold Nose Project. However, Carmelo earned the nickname Brother Bigoton, or Brother Moustache, in Spanish.
And the photos suggest that, although he lives in a monastery, Carmelo is really enjoying his new life.open Next Page to See Video


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