Stubborn Corgi Refuses to Accept Park Closure

As long as his family can remember, Waffles’ two favourite things in the world have always been his toy balls and going to the park.

“We can’t even say the word” park “or” ball “in the house, otherwise it will bark until we take it and it’s not an exaggeration,” said Michaella Sena, Waffles’ mom, To bed. “Finally, it turns the bark into a constant groan and it doesn’t stop, so we are very careful with our words because God forbids us to say basketball or picnic in a PARK because then we have to go this second. ”

Waffles look forward to his walks in the park, but last week, when he and his father arrived at the park as usual, his father soon realized it was closed for a holiday event. He tried to explain to Waffles that they couldn’t walk in the park that day – but Waffles absolutely refused to listen.

We told the stubborn corgi that he was going to the park…


… So he pushed his heels and refused to move until this dream came true.

“When we say park, it means a park,” said Sena. “So he put on his corgi brakes and parked there until he could get in.”Open nex Page To See Video




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