Survivor needs loving family after being shot

Max, a 2-year-old Labrador / Rottweiler mix, was recently taken outside his family home, shot twice in the face with a shotgun and left for dead. The person who inflicted this horrible act of cruelty? The very person Max was looking for food, affection and care. Fortunately, Max was seen, rescued and recovering. What we know about the event reveals how rash excessive reactions can lead to pain, suffering, and sanctions.

Max and the shooter’s three-year-old daughter
Cody Deel is 28 years old and lives in Ripley, which is located in Jackson County, West Virginia. While he was away, Max and Deel’s three-year-old daughter were involved in an argument. According to some reports, Max entered the trash can and the child tried to remove a piece from the dog.

During this fight, Max bit the child. Court records indicated that the child appeared to have a small puncture injury under the left arm, a bruise, abrasions on the upper side of the left arm, and abrasion on the upper chest. The child was taken to the emergency room but should be in good health Open next Page to see More




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