Sweet pit bull gets her first taste of freedom after an entire life of neglect

Neighbors think this puppy is “dangerous”. But a hidden camera catches the mailman doing this every day.

Aimee is one of the most adorable pit bulls on the planet, and if she wants you to know something, you should never lose hope. Although much more friendly than any other race, even if she did not have an easy life, she is always in love from beginning to end.

The sweet pit bull was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center in Carson, Calif., In 2015.
Since the shelter is submerged by stray animals, it was not good for Aimee. They are considered a “very deadly” shelter. This means that a puppy has only a small window to get adopted before going to bed

Poor Aimee remained terrified, anxious, vulnerable and suffered from a skin condition that caused her additional pain.

Fortunately for the pit bull, a group of rescuers called Saving Carson Shelter Dogs got acquainted with Aimée. They could not help but feel obliged to help the nice girl.
The M.O. of the group is to film the dogs inside the walls of the shelter and share it on social media. It helps to make each dog’s image known and to make people aware that they are ready to be adopted. The small boost in advertising has resulted in many dogs being adopted from the shelter. Open next Page To See VIDEO



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