The 8 top of the smartest dog breeds

The 10 top of the smartest dog breeds


1. Border collie

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Chaser, an American border collie dog who died in 2019, has been recognized as the world’s smartest dog, able to identify 1,022 toys by name and find them according to their name and category, and even understand phrases. Originally a herding dog, the border collie is very receptive to education and affectionate. However, it requires a great deal of availability and needs to be constantly stimulated physically and intellectually.

2. Caniche

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With a playful temperament, the poodle easily learns complex tricks and can include hundreds of words. This is why it is often found in performances as in circus. Indefatigable and very suited to family life, the poodle should not be left alone for too long or risk depressing.




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