“The Air Force” Is Looking For People To Adopt Retired Military Working Dogs


Military dogs looking for good homes
If you are considering adopting a new canine companion, do not forget the best-trained dogs: military working dogs. The Air Force is looking for people who want to adopt retired dogs.

The San Antonio-Lackland Common Base issued a statement in which she was looking for adoptive families for her retired military dogs. Adopters can be members of the military or civilians.

Some of the available dogs are puppies or younger dogs that do not progress in the training program to become military working dogs. But there is also a need for people who want to adopt older dogs who have retired from their military service. (1, 2)

Obedience and Protection
Retired military dogs are incredibly well trained and smart. They have completed a training program with high standards. These dogs worked around the world alongside military soldiers. Their job includes finding bombs and anti-personnel mines, as well as controlling people who pose a threat. (1)

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