The death row dog trembles with fear and is too scared to walk


“You know, every day we are confronted with the cruelty and evil committed by humans. This sweet girl broke my heart. The owner goes to that. She’s a skeleton, covered in fleas, she’s constantly shaking and doesn’t even want to get up to walk. You’re talking about a broken soul. There are days when I hate humans so much. Hold on, baby Mocha. She has seen so much trouble in just one year of life,” Albina wrote.

She decided to write a letter from Mocha and post it on Facebook. She said, “Dear humans,
While I’m sitting here on death row, totally defeated, I hope my puppies will have at least a better life than mine. I’m sitting here, I’m so scared, just waiting to be euthanized. You see, I’m only a year old. I didn’t have a good life at all…”



The post went viral and thousands of people commented and shared. Fortunately, a kind person heard about Mocha and went to the shelter to save her. Albina updated the post to tell everyone that Mocha and her sister who accompanied her are safe.

Albina wrote her own letter to Mocha after she was rescued. She wrote: “Dear Mocha, I sat down with you and wrote a letter for the whole world to see. And they did. Good second chance, sweetie. That you are finally loved and that you should be taken care of forever.

I wish you all the best, darling.
I love you and will always remember you.”


Thank you to whoever rescued Mocha. She is just one of many that are on death row waiting for a loving home. Please consider adopting or fostering, as it is the only way to help end death row at shelters. In addition, spay and neuter your pets. Adopt don’t shop!

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