The dog sits at shelter for 2,531 days waiting for someone to adopt him

The dog sits at a shelter

With pets at your side, your life simply improves and you do everything for them as they were your children. A person who owns a pet can not imagine spending a night in a shelter.

But everyone does not think like that! There are many cases where dogs have been betrayed, left alone starving or waiting for their owners to come home!

The most surprising story is a dog waiting for his family for 2,531 days!

It may sound incredible but it’s a true story. This is a mix of Terrier named Dahlia who has lived all his life at the Humane Society in Santa Barbara.

She’s been there since she was six months old, but sometimes luck is not on your side. Although the shelter did its best to find a home for Dahlia, she was left simply by watching other pets find a new home while she was still waiting at the shelter.

As time passed and Dahlia could not find a home, one of the volunteers at the shelter decided to do something else.

He posted a video of Dahlia describing her as a very sweet, loving and loyal bitch. He added that she was looking for a new home and anyone who adopted it would be more than happy with her love and care Open nex Page to See Video 






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