The German Shepherd is 100% sure that he is a bird


Kai was born a German shepherd – but he is almost certain that he was destined to be a bird.

Like his bird friends, Kai was drawn to the birdbath in his parents’ yard when he was a puppy, having a drink on hot summer days.

“We had a pool in the garden, but he always went to the bird bath for a drink because it was closer,” Ashley Shell, Kai’s mother, told the Dodo.

At first, Kai stood on his hind legs to sip the bird bath water. But after watching the birds use it to cool off, the puppy had a great idea: Why go to the pool to take a dip, when he had the perfect place?

Shell noticed how much her little one loved the bird bath and began filming when Kai took his obsession with bird bathing to another level.


“I started recording it because he started jumping in for a drink and I was impressed with the balance,” Shell said. “This video is the first time he jumped and lay in it”.

After going around the wobbly bowl, Kai settled down and seemed perfectly at ease. There he could bathe and drink at the same time – and he stayed like that for about 10 minutes.






source : the dodo

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