The happiest little pit bull can not stop wagging when she finally leaves the shelter

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Matilda was a puppy when she first arrived at the Douglas County Shelter. Even though the tiny pit bull was brought to the shelter, the staff could not help but notice how happy she was. The little girl was so excited that she could not stop her tail from moving.



The bubbling exuberance of Matilda threw the guard of the shelters off guard. They could not believe how friendly she was after her difficult beginnings in life. The sweet little bitch spent her first two months of life as a stray dog in the often ruthless streets of Georgia. When she was discovered by shelter workers, her belly was filled with worms and her skin was terribly irritating.

Even though the pit bull pup seemed to be wearing out, his little tail was still moving.



Satina Sanders, a shelter volunteer, could not help filming Matilda’s “fanfares” case and sharing it on social media.

In an interview with The Dodo, Sanders explains how the little pit bull was adorable, it was upsetting from the beginning.
“She gave the sweetest kisses. She was the cutest thing ever! ”

Fortunately for Matilda, Sanders was not the only person to find the pit bull too cute for words.
New York-based rescue group Pibbles & More contacted Sanders after seeing Matilda’s video debut. They were absolutely in love with the little girl. Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, one of the group’s coordinators, was not about to leave Matilda at the shelter.

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She arranged for the adorable and tiny pit bull to be placed in a host family. When she got there to get the little puppy, she could not believe her tail. The puppy was so happy to come out of the shelter that his tail kept moving, even once. Not for the one and a half-hour drive!

“The dictionary definition of the word” joy “is:” name: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. “This is the picture next to this definition in the dictionary Mathilde She is pure, pure joy,

wrote the rescue group on Facebook.
Teresa led the little pit bull puppy with love to the new host family she had arranged.
A nice woman named Kerri Rich agreed to feed the puppy until she could find him at home forever. What she did not count on was falling in love with Matilda when she saw her.

“She’s shaking her tail so badly that she’s running awry,” Rich laughs. Open next Page To See More



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