The latest news about three-legged dog !

The latest news on the three-legged dog!


everyone saw the video that circulated on Facebook and that showed a helpless and disabled dog expanding in the street by an insensitive owner with a very aggressive manner that caused discomfort on Facebook went viral throughout Spain; the country where the scene was filmed, pulling the hearts of all animal lovers in the country.

The little white dog had tried several times to get back into the car desperately, with a very cold song; it was repelled by its owner on the ground; The poor dog cannot move; he fell and tried to regain his strength; he got up and looked nervously as the vehicle left without knowing why or what was going on

many people condemning the heartless acts of the woman After the online publication of images of the shocking act of abandonment of an animal, the video was shared thousands of times around the world, the heartbreaking video was undoubtedly more than unpleasant to watch, many asking that the woman be “brought to justice” and “suffer the same punishment as the animal” , where death threats were even made on the woman’s head.





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