The Netherlands was the first country to no longer have street dogs after making a simple change

The Netherlands was the first country to no longer have street dogs after making a simple change

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The Netherlands has set up an animal protection program that has enabled it to become the first country to have a zero population of stray dogs.

It is incredible when you consider that the country, like all other populated regions of the world, has been facing the problem of stray dogs for hundreds of years now. So much so that WHO has reported an estimate of about 200 million stray dogs worldwide.

Worse, there does not seem to be a simple and unique solution to the dilemma of stray dogs.

The United States has also experimented with ways to curb the steady increase in the number of stray dogs roaming the country. Unfortunately, they need a lasting solution, and none have presented themselves so far.

One of the advocates for effective action in this area is Peter Zheutlin, who explains the nature of why eradicating homeless animals is no small task.

“This problem has worsened to the point that it would take decades of a concentrated sterilization program in a city like Houston to begin to reduce the number. Shelters are not often a priority for governments, as they are the subject of competing requests from school, police, firefighters, parks, and health services. Who speaks for dogs? “He said in an interview with NPR.

Holland, however, broke a first world record, completely eradicating the roaming of stray dogs, and no, they did not slaughter them.
For nearly 200 years, Holland has been the country with the most stray dogs. In the 1800s, dog ownership was a status symbol, and so almost every household has at least one dog, if not more. Open next Page to See More

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