The Netherlands was the first country to no longer have street dogs after making a simple change


However, when rabies broke out in the country in the 1900s, thousands of people abandoned their dogs, leaving them to fend for themselves like stray dogs for fear of rabies. This has led to one of the fastest increases in the history of homeless pets.

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Today, more than 200 years later, in the 21st century, Dutch officials have finally decided to take serious action.
Many people gathered from all walks of life, including legislators, public health officials, and animal advocates. Together, they began to think about the best, most effective way to reduce the stray dog population to zero.

The first step in this plan was sterilization. They have implemented an uncompromising sterilization program across the country. Working fast, the country has sterilized more than 75% of its population of stray dogs in a few months. This had an immediate and obvious effect, greatly minimizing the number of stray puppies born.

After each sterilization, all stray dogs underwent veterinary testing and were updated on their vaccines. A necessary step to stop the spread of communicable diseases such as rabies or parvovirus

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