The Number 1 Dog Tip For Training

Here is the number 1 tip for dog training is for you to have the right attitude. Now in front of you
stop reading, consider that any dog ​​training starts with you. If you do not have the right attitude,
your dog training is going to be a bust from the beginning.

By “good attitude” I mean you have to be patient and keep a lot of things in mind when you
Train your dog. Dog training is a process. It can be easy, but it takes time. If you are not patient,
you will probably be frustrated and may even give up.

A good attitude is partly to understand that your dog may not react in the same way as another dog.
The method used to train a dog may not work for another dog. You must be flexible. You must
be prepared to try a different method to correct or change your dog’s behavior if the first method
that you used did not work.

Another part of the right attitude is to realize that you have to be the leader or the alpha
dog. Dogs are social animals and follow a leader called the “alpha” dog. If you do not take control
and let your dog do what he/she wants, so your dog assumes the role of the “alpha” dog and
your training will be a bust. For effective training, you need to control the behavior of your dog and
to be the leader.

Another aspect of the right attitude is to decide that you are going to reward your dog.
for good behavior and do the right thing. You are not going to hit or beat your dog and you
are not going to punish your dog. Sociologists have found that rewards are more effective
than punishment. And the rewards create better attitudes. It is much easier for a dog to be affectionate towards someone who rewards him, as opposed to someone who beats him.


The fourth aspect of the right attitude is closely related to patience. That is, dogs
learn from repetition – do the same thing over and over again. If you are not patient, you may feel
that since you have done the same thing with your dog many times and that your dog’s behavior has not
changed, your method does not work. It may be that the method works, but it just takes a little
repetition longer and more than expected.

At first, it seems odd to say that the number 1 board for training is for you to have the right
attitude. But as you can see, you must have the right attitude. It all starts with you and you have to
be patient, flexible and be the leader. You must use rewards and rehearsal.