This little German Shepherd will always be a “puppy”

This little German Shepherd will always be a “puppy”
Meet Ranger – a 2-year-old German Shepherd Dog weighing only 17 pounds.


Ranger is not a “mini”. This unique dog suffers from a rare genetic mutation called pituitary dwarfism, a condition found mainly in German Shepherd and Greyhound breeds. Ranger’s growth hormone deficiency leaves him in a halted state of development, still with his stuffed fur like a puppy and his features.

Shelby Mayo, Ranger’s mother, knew he was much smaller than her other littermates when she brought him home. She assumed he was the glitch of the litter – then she discovered that Ranger was suffering from several other health problems.

“When we had Ranger, he had a parasite called Coccidia,” Mayo told Dodo. “Then he had another parasite called Giardia and had a big neck infection.”

Under the care of Mayo, these problems have been solved and Ranger has become stronger. However, he still has not grown. It was at this point that a veterinarian suggested that this dog is a pituitary dwarf.Open nex Page To See More



“When we discovered the existence of Ranger’s condition, we were in denial, but once we realized it was our new reality, we were relieved,” said Mayo. “The months before his diagnosis, we could not understand what was wrong with him and why he had all his health problems.”

After the sterilization of Ranger, he began to suffer from dry skin and loss of hair. People who followed the dog’s journey on Instagram asked for advice.


Ranger started taking thyroid medication to help her fur develop and receive baths containing goat’s milk moisturizing soap, provided every two days by one of her Instagram followers.

Many dogs with Ranger’s diagnosis suffer from other serious medical problems, but the pint-sized puppy now appears to be in good health. Ranger is only a fraction of the size of his sisters, a yellow lab and a German shepherd, but he does not let it interfere during recess.
“Ranger and her two sisters, Hazel and Jessie, form a group and do almost everything together!” Said Mayo. “They love to play and play ball. Ranger definitely has a GREAT personality, he is very energetic and a bit spoiled, to say the least. ”






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