[This Woman] Couldn’t Decide Which Dog Needed Help Most So She Bought The Whole Shelter

I like to say the phrase ‘good people still exist’.

This case proves it all. Not all people like to help animals to find them a home and a loving family. This couple did something really amazing

We are about to introduce you to the best couple that helps animals in need. Rob Scheinberg and Danielle Eden have visited many animal shelters around the world and when they see a dog in need, they try to take him back to a shelter they founded in King City, Canada, in 2014.

On the other hand, the most shocking thing happened in a shelter in Israel. This shelter had a capacity of about 70 dogs but there were more than 250 dogs. It was overcrowded!

Even so, in the cages, there were six in a cage, fighting for bread, and the conditions were terrible.

That disoriented them, which the dog has priority to return to their shelter, so they decided to acquire all the shelter and to save all these lives.open next see more


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