Toughest little dog gives sweetest thanks to woman that took a chance on her

Meet Freddie Mercury. Not the world-famous singer, but the world’s toughest tiny dog with a story just as powerful.

Freddie is a dog who suffers from a plethora of complex medical issues. She’d had a rough go at life until she met Angela, the woman who took a chance on her and gave her a forever home.

While there are millions of people who love dogs and have adopted them into their families, there are millions more who are overlooked. Among the first to suffer from a lack of attention, there are unfortunately puppies suffering from malformations and medical complications. While it is true that these dogs require a lot of extra attention and are more expensive to care for, they deserve a loving home just as much as the next dog.

Freddie is the poster puppy for these dogs.
Angela Adan is a dog rescuer at Marley’s Mutts. One night, she received a call from the shelter about a small stray dog that had been returned. Without any knowledge of the dog’s condition, Angela drove 4 hours to recover it.open next Page to See More




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