Trained Spaniels Find Seven Surviving Koalas After Australian Forest Fires


Detector dogs Missy and Taz have been trained to smell koala droppings. Credit: WWF-Australia / Veronica Joseph

Two detector dogs found seven surviving koalas in a burnt Australian forest affected by forest fires.

Using their keen sense of smell to sniff out koala droppings, springer Spaniels Taz and Missy helped discover animals in the Maryvale Forest in the South Downs of Queensland.

The region is one of the vast expanses of the country affected by forest fires, which raises fears for the survival of the koala population in Australia.

On the first day of their search, the team investigating the number of the koala in the area discovered an animal and its baby – both of whom appeared to be in good health.

Koala conservationist Olivia Woosnam said: “The joey was out of pocket and independent.

“They were in the same tree and they were moving around and seemed to be fine, we checked them visually and we have no immediate concerns for their safety.”

In a search that covered more than 10 km of forest, the team found another adult male and an adult female and spotted other signs of koala life.Open Next Page To See more








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