Two-legged wandering mum takes care of her homeless family

Two-legged wandering mum takes care of her homeless family

We know that animals are resilient and often adapt to their environment and survive as best they can

After all, there are millions of homeless dogs around the world struggling to find food and shelter every day, but it’s amazing how disabled homeless dogs can thrive and survive. in the street.

In China, there is a two-legged wandering female who has given birth to puppies, and even with her disability, she still looks after her family and makes sure none of her puppies are in danger.

The mother is known as Shi Bao, and she was not always homeless. Her owner abandoned her and she took refuge near Kouguan Station in Datong, Shanxi Province.

Unfortunately, the abandoned animal lost its hind legs in an accident. The locals believe she was hit by a car or overturned by a train, but anyway, she has survived and has been coping ever since.



Shi Bao gave birth to beautiful puppies in good health, all have all four legs. Every day, the two-legged mother guides her babies to the station while they search for food.

The heroic mother makes sure that her children are always near her and away from danger.

We know that animals in China are not as well protected by law as other animals in other countries, but we hope that Shi Bao and his babies will find a good Samaritan or animal rescue organization that would put them a term to their solitary and difficult days on the streets.open nex Page to See more


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