Two Little Lovebirds bind themselves in a shelter and finally find a home forever – together

Some things go well together like peanut butter and jelly and Jukebox and Agatha.

A male pit bull named Jukebox and a woman named Agatha got together after meeting at the shelter. They were grouped together to make room for the other dogs and shared the same bed, although two were provided. The shelter knew that the couple had to find a house together, but it was difficult to find a family that would adopt two dogs.

Jukebox and Agatha were inseparable and their connection inspired. Pima County Animal Care in Arizona welcomed the couple and was determined to find a home for them. Nikki from the shelter said, “They have been here a long time and that did not happen.

Finally, a couple saw the dogs online and had to meet them. Erin and Ubaldo arrived at the shelter to meet Jukebox and Agatha. They recently lost their dog and wanted to bring another dog into their lives, but would end up with two.

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