UPDATE: Man Who Killed Police Dog Sentenced To 6 Years


About 6 months ago, a tragic incident occurred. 5-year-old Harlej the Belgian Malinois lost his life while working for the Fishers Police Department. He chased down a suspect, who ended up killing the dog in the process. The officers were devastated, but luckily, they were able to catch the person responsible.

The police department held a beautiful memorial in Harlej’s honor. He made a brave sacrifice that day, and he will never be forgotten. Months later, Harlej finally got justice when the man responsible received his sentence for his cruel actions. 20-year-old Richard Garrett Jr. was the one who killed Harlej.

Prior to the incident, he lead the police on a high-speed chase and attempted to break into two homes. Eventually, it led to the police having to chase Garrett on foot, toward a wooded area. Jarred Koopman was close behind the suspect, but he could not get him to surrender, so he sent his brave police dog to take the man down.go tonext page to See More











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