[Weird ] Husky Just Wants Someone To Love Him For Who She Is


Meet Jubilee – a big-hearted husky whose sweet face is as adorable as his spirit.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone she met saw it that way.

About two years ago, Jubilee went to Husky House, a New Jersey-based rescue group dedicated to helping puppies like her.

She had been brought there by her former owner, a dog breeder, who told the shelter that he was unable to sell her because she “looked weird”.

Of course, Jubilee’s new friends did not agree.

“We think she is absolutely beautiful!” a spokesperson for Husky House told Dodo.

Yet, perhaps in part because of her unique appearance, Jubilee has struggled to find adopters who will love her for who she is.

Having faced such profound rejection in the past, Jubilee tends to be a tad wary around strangers who, too, might judge her as “weird” just because of the way she looks.open nex Page to see More





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