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The Welsh Springer Spaniel (Welsh Springer or Welshie for short) takes its name from the way it “springs” to the game to empty it for the hunter. He has been a favorite of sportsmen for more than 200 years. These beautiful, lively dogs excel in the field and are also wonderful companions and pets.

A medium-sized dog with a compact body, Welshie’s remarkable physical feature is a medium-length dark red and white silky coat, dense with feathers on the ears, chest, legs, and belly. He has big dangling ears and a sweet expression. The Welsh Springers are a little smaller and lighter than the English, and a little larger and larger than the English cockers.

Welsh springer spaniels can be trained and want to please. As a typical spaniel, they have a lot of enthusiasm. They are a little less extroverted than the English Springer Spaniels and a little independent. They are nice to children if they grow up with them or are exposed to them when they are young and they are affectionate towards their families. Welsh can be reserved for foreigners and early socialization is important to avoid shyness. They are generally good with other domestic animals, even the small ones, although they may consider birds as prey because that is why they are bred for hunting.


Because they are bred to hunt dogs, Welsh people require much more exercise than your average dog. They have a lot of stamina and energy and can work for hours in any weather and on any terrain. This hunting instinct is strong, so keep them on a leash unless you want them to take off in pursuit of a bird or a rabbit. Their enthusiasm for hunting is so great that they tend to move away from the field of hunting. Coaching a Welsh from an early age, when called, is a must.

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Welsh sports skills are not limited to hunting. Many people who have one participate in activities such as obedience, agility, flyball, and tracking.

Because Welsh people are so happy, they are excellent companions and family dogs. Their only purpose in life – in addition to attacking birds – is to be close to their people and to please them in every way possible.

Strong points
The Welsh Springer Spaniels are not as extroverted as the English Springer Spaniels and can be a little distant with strangers unless they are well socialized.
They may suffer from separation anxiety if they are left too long alone. If this happens, they can behave destructively.
The Welsh Spaniards Springer has a “sweet” personality and do not respond well to hard training methods.
Although they are very easy to train and want to please, training in cleanliness can be a challenge. Cash training is recommended.





Especially when they are young, the Welsh Springer Spaniels can welcome you with a lot of exuberance, jumping on your head and usually showing you their joy to see you. You may want to train them not to jump, especially if you have children who could accidentally knock them down.
The Welsh Springer Spaniels have been developed to have endurance and energy. Make sure you can provide your dog with proper exercise or he can become nervous and destructive.
Some Welsh Springer Spaniels may demonstrate submissive urination.
Make sure to keep your Welsh Springer Spaniel on a leash when you take it to unfenced areas. You never know when he will see a bird or other small animal and will be invaded by his instinct to hunt!
To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from a breeder, a puppy mill or an irresponsible pet shop. Look for a reputable breeder who tests his breeding dogs to make sure they do not have genetic diseases that they could pass on to the puppies and that they have a good temperament.

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It is thought that the Spanish originate from Spain (hence their name) centuries ago and subsequently spread to other parts of the world. The Welsh Springers, English Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels and other Spaniels of British origin all share a similar story. At first, all the spaniels were called cockers or spaniels. They were appointed for the function they filled, not their type. Early breeders often mixed different types of dogs. Later, they began to divide the spaniels into water spaniels and spaniels. The types of Welsh Springer Spaniels were considered spongy