Wild Baby Horse stuck in the river lost all hope until rescuers saw her

A group of people saved a cute little horse from drowning, and the animal is the cutest you can see.

A young wild filly slid along a river embankment and fell into the raging waters of Trout Creek in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada.

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OATS. Horse rescue
The 6-month-old wild horse spent several hours stuck in the icy water when a woman walking her dogs saw her.

OATS. Horse Rescue was immediately contacted and the woman assembled a team of volunteers to rescue the drowning little horse.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, the horse clung to the rocks, suffered from hypothermia and was exhausted.

Summerland Fire Fighters and the RCMP in the area joined the volunteers. The rescue became dangerous and difficult because to save the horse, the volunteers had to fight against slippery surfaces and violent waters.

In the end, they smoothed the horse and used a tarpaulin and a sheet of plywood as a stretcher and put the horse undercover.

The horse has been saved and has only minor superficial wounds that will heal in no time, the saved horse was named River.

A foster family helps with the recovery of the horse and once cured, it will be put up for adoption.