Woman [Adopts Sad] Pitbull From Shelter, And He’s So Grateful He Can’t Stop Hugging Her

Shelter dogs do not get much love from their owners and it’s always sad when they have to be slaughtered.


Fortunately, the growing adoption movement of found dogs and cats is helping more and more of these shelter animals find loving families and new homes. Russ the Pitbull found refuge in the loving arms of Kayla Filoon, a 20-year-old student who volunteered as a dog walker at an animal shelter in Philadelphia. Russ was taken to ACCT Philly where Filoon works and it’s love at first sight. According to Filson, she knew there was a connection between them from the moment she looked at Russ. He apparently felt the same way, as this picture shows that Filon’s friend posted on Russ’s Facebook is affectionate! (h / t)

Meet Russ. I mean, who can look away from that sweet face?

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