Woman Adopts Senior Dog, Realizes It’s Her ‘Best Friend’ She Lost As A Child





Unable to shake a feeling that it could be the dog she was forced to give up at 14, Nicole went to meet the dog. When they met, Chloe licked Nicole’s face as she did during the day, and Nicole was convinced that she was his Chloe. Despite this, her family was skeptical, so they took Chloé to the vet to have her scanned for a microchip – and it turned out that it was Chloé who had been taken to the shelter 8 years earlier.

Today Nicole is married and has her own 4-month-old daughter. She is grateful for the second chance with Chloé – especially since the grandmother who offered her the special animal died 3 years ago. Nicole is now making up for lost time with Chloe and cannot wait for her own daughter to become her childhood dog’s best friend.



The Air Force Is Looking For People To Adopt Retired Military Working [Dogs]

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