woman rescues a puppy she sees thrown from a car in a muddy ditch

When Ronda Brasher saw someone throwing a bag out the window of his car, she did not think about it before seeing what was inside the bag! She told her story of dog rescue the day it happened with

“Today, I won another member of the family. I watched a car in front of us on a country road throwing a grocery bag into a muddy flooded area. By the time we got there,

a puppy crawled out of the bag !!!! I fell in love with him and I had to keep him.

“I took him to the vet, he had his vaccines and took medicine from worms. He melted our hearts. Our other puppy, an American Bulldog / Boxer mix, loves it, just like our 3 kids. ”

“It’s terrible that people throw the animals in the trash. I would like Jerk’s license plate number. But it’s okay, karma is sweet. And I know and promise to take care of this nice little man. I just wanted to share my story and a picture of our new little cute. ”


“The vet said he seemed to be between 6 and 7 weeks old. And thank you, guys. I am a sweet when it comes to animals and these are my blurry kids. No way I turn their backs on them.

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