Woman rescues stolen dog by chasing barefoot thief for blocks

Alyssa Sanderford did not know the Reams then, but she had a mutual friend on Facebook who knew it. She saw Wiley’s flyer and it struck her because she has her own dogs which she takes to town. They could easily be stolen from his Jeep, just like Wiley was taken from Trader Joe’s. She noticed that Wiley had a bright orange collar, but in the end, she didn’t think much about the missing dog outside of sharing the flyer in the hope that someone would find it. **

She did not realize that someone would be her. She was driving the next morning when she spotted a man with a dog who looked strangely like Wiley – including the bright orange collar. She parked and confronted the man, who became very angry, and asked him to hand over the stolen dog. She grabbed the leash but he pulled it away from her.

Sanderford is a triathlete and she knew she could follow. She took off her sandals and started chasing after the dog thief. Other citizens have joined us. An employee of the goodwill drop-off site joined the lawsuit but had to cancel it for himself, leaving Sanderford to continue. Another time, an SUV stopped to help Sanderford chase the man, but they eventually had to leave as well. While continuing, she called the police. One of the goodwill workers returned to his SUV and blocked the fleeing man. He ripped her off the leash and Sanford got Angela Ream’s phone number and called her Open next Page To See more


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