woman takes a picture with her dog and he is hilariously ill

Some dogs are chic to take good pictures. Beans, a 1-year-old dachshund, loves posing for the camera, but she does not always like it.


Every time her mother takes a picture, she seems to surprise the puppy at the funniest moments: “Many of the pictures I take are often ridiculous and make me laugh,” Casey Stachnik, Beans’ mother,

Last week, Stachnik was sitting at her desk while Beans was resting on her lap when she decided to try taking a cute selfie. She was hoping to use the photo in her holiday card, but the picture did not show up as expected.

“I leaned over, and I was just going to take a picture of me kissing the top of his head, and I had predicted that his giant, very photogenic snoot would be the focal point of the photo,” Stachnik said. “As soon as I put my phone in place, I kissed his head, and he looked at the right moment.”

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