[Young girl] on vacation sees starving puppy and cancels everything to save him

When Elliot Sherin, a 17-year-old girl, decided to go on a cruise to Jamaica last December, she was not expecting to save a life.


Sherin and his father were about to ride a beach on one of the days of their journey when they arrived at the ranch and their eyes focused on a flock of stray dogs wandering around.

Behind them was a puppy who had only bones and was covered with dirt. His front legs were flickering and inward. He would not be more than 3 months old.

Elliot named him Kingston.

“The rest of the dogs ran towards us to look for food,” Sherin said. “But the kid was very scared. He would not let us get close to him. All I was thinking at the time was, “How am I going to get him out of here?

She left the dog with food and returned to the cruise to do some research. After a while, she found Animal House Jamaica and immediately contacted the group to find out if she could do anything to help save Kingston.

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