Young Woman Rescues a Wounded “Dog” on the Streets, Finds Out It Was Wild Coyote


Andrea Athie of Ciudad Victoria became a viral superstar in Latin America after rescuing an animal she believed it was an injured dog, but soon discovered was a wild coyote.


The girl from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas was driving when she noticed the canine struggling on the roadside. Realizing it was wounded, she quickly retrieved the animal and brought it into her car

She took him to a vet and she was shocked to learn that the animal was not a dog, but a coyote!

The coyotes belong to the dog family and lived mainly in the prairies and deserts. Yet nowadays, they roam the forests and mountains of the continent and have even colonized cities.

Coyotes share many traits of their loved ones: wolves, dogs, foxes, and jackals. They have a narrow, elongated snout, a lean body, yellow eyes, a bushy tail, and thick fur. In addition, they are about as big as medium-sized dogs, although they are smaller than wolves. Open next page To see More 



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