Zac Efron plays father dog for death row rescue puppy

Zac Efron plays father dog for death row rescue puppy


Los Angeles is truly the city where dreams come true! The rescue dog formerly known as Tilly was rescued by Bark n ‘Bitches Dog Boutique moments before being euthanized in a public shelter.

As if that hadn’t been lucky, it also caught the eye of actor/singer/performer, Zac Efron, who officially adopted the puppy and renamed it MAC

“Tilly now MACA was taken to the killing room when we entered and said we would take it,” Bark n ’Bitches shared via Instagram with a reprogrammed photo of Efron. “She was returned and brought to us!” This guy named Zac Efron (we hear he’s an actor, but we think he’s actually waiting for tables) came in and fell in love. He went through our application process and favored MACA and just couldn’t give it back. MACA is now living with Zac! It is she with happiness forever! Good life MACA! A happy life.”

The 30-year-old star, Greatest Showman, announced on Wednesday the arrival of MACA to its 34.5 million followers on Instagram, sharing photos and videos illustrating their brand new love story.

“Hey planet 🌎, this is MACA. #Adoptdontshop” wrote Efron.



He also tweeted a video of a cheerful MACA rushing alongside him to the sound of his new name.

Efron said goodbye to his previous dog, Puppy in August 2016, sharing a bittersweet photo via Instagram with the caption:

“Thanks to the thickness and the end, you’ve always been my best friend. I’ll see you at the finish line, RIP Puppy Efron.”


We are so happy that Efron is ready to love again and that he has chosen to save a deserving dog in need. Congratulations Zac and MACA! We know you will be very happy together!


H / T to People & US Weekly

Featured images via Instagram / Zac Efron


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